TO find out Reading's favourite dog, we have gathered pictures of some of our four legged locals!

Dog food company Butternut Box have recently found that, among women, labradors are the favourite, while men tend to prefer Cockapoos.

It seems among Chronicle readers that dogs of all kinds are loved.

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Answering the question 'what is your favourite breed of dog?' posted on The Chronicle's Facebook page over the weekend, Camilla Raca said: "Springer Spaniel" while Cynthia Neave said: "Shetland sheepdog".

Some shared pictures of their furry friends, including Daniel Wisniewski, who posted a photo of his adorable dogs - a Jack Russel and a shihtzu, who he said are "the best of doggies".

Reading Chronicle:

Emily Jayne Walters loves sprockers, while Alison Parkes said: "rescue", implying her love for all dogs needing a home.

Helen Beckett said "Cane corso" and Sue Medley opted for "English bulldogs".

Kerry Pain sent a picture of her photogenic husky-collie cross.

Reading Chronicle:

Luke Monero said his favourite is cairn terriers.

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Sara Byway showed off her cute Australian cattle dog and her beagle.

Reading Chronicle:

A photo of Michael Gorman's beautiful chocolate labrador was also posted.

Reading Chronicle:

It is safe to say that Reading has no favourite, but is definitely a town of dog lovers!