"COMMON sense" is what is required to avoid a second national lockdown - this was the view of some locals in response to last week's increase in coronavirus cases.

The 'Rule of Six' comes into force as of today (Monday, September 14), making any gathering of more than six people illegal.

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The reintroduction of restrictions has left some questioning whether stricter rules will be enforced in the coming weeks.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned about the need to act now in order to avoid a second national lockdown.

The rules came as cases across the country began to rise steeply, with the UK recording close to 3,000 new positive cases on September 10.

Locals have given their view on the situation.

Kevin Barti Stewart said: "If people don't follow the guidelines then a full lockdown must happen.

"Common sense is required but not many people have it."

Some however, don't think the reintroduction of restrictions is necessary.

David Talbot said: "It seems like the cases are increasing but it's not as deadly, the virus has mutated to spread but not kill.

"Hopefully it will become more like flu and we can adapt to live with it now", while Michael Sebastian Todd said: "There better not be another lockdown, the economy will be damaged more job losses and [it would be] damaging for peoples mental health.

"If everyone does what they are supposed to do this would be over sooner."

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Paul Collyer said the situation is getting "boring".

He added: "If we are heading toward another lockdown why are the pubs, bars, restaurants not being closed?

"Why is organised sport still taking place? The country can not afford to have another lockdown.

"It did its job it brought the NHS time to get ready and prepare.

"We were always going to get an increase in cases its a virus no matter how hard you try mother nature can not be controlled. We will have to live with this for a long time."

Kathy Watson echoed this view, saying: "No way there better not be one, I am sick to death of it all."