MIXED views have once again been presented in Reading today as locals gave their views on the latest coronavirus update from the government.

After a brief period of a gradual 'return to normal', the government has now announced that the number of people that can attend social gatherings will be slashed to six in England after a steep rise in coronavirus cases across the UK.

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From Monday, gatherings of more than six people will be illegal.

Responding to a poll on The Chronicle website, 28 per cent of people thought the social gatherings rule should never have been changed to allow for 30 people to meet in the first place.

In contrast, 28 per cent also said that the implementation of the rule on Monday is 'unnecessary'.

A further 26 per cent said they agreed with the new rule, while 18 per cent believe that tighter restrictions should still be in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Reading Chronicle:

Commenting on the changes, residents also expressed their confusion over the rules, and some questioned how they would work.

Vivienne Martin said: "If this country followed the same rules as other countries regarding wearing a mask you have too wear a mask when going anywhere we wouldn’t need need the new restrictions."

Jason Scott said: "Not convinced it will be enforceable. But hay keep the bars open!"

Andrea Lotz added: "I'm worried that if the school do close again the future for my child with such a lose of education will also not help! "People are just selfish, they do what they want when they want and this is now impacting on us all", while Wendy Oxlade said: "I think it's ridiculous!

"The whole situation has gone from one contraction to another!

"I run a pub restaurant- it is very spread out, we have followed all the rules and the guidelines are in place and being carried out.

"We can serve either a private table for six people or a wedding/funeral reception for 30 people, on the same day or even at the same time.

"We watch the news everyday like the rest of you, we get told nothing ahead of the game.

"It’s very unsettling for the future of our business and of our livelihood.

"Please support your local businesses, but in a safe and responsible manor. We are all just trying to survive."

Sarah Pollek questioned why people could still travel.

She said: "But continue to fly with over 200 strangers?"

Lynn Tracy Durrant, meanwhile, beleives the rules had become too relaxed, saying: "Sorry, should have been like this ages ago!

"The virus is on the rise again!

"Please spare a thought or the hospital workers who have to deal with this increase again."

Some believed that a tighter lockdown should return, with Kristen Jackson Roe commenting: "A full lockdown is needed not this as its confusing people."

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Louise Davis Smith said: "So gatherings of over 30 are banned, except in school classrooms, wedding receptions, aeroplanes, buses etc.

"So my daughter can sit in a classroom with 30 other children, but can't sit outside in the park at the weekend with same children?

"I can eat out to help out with 30 plus strangers in a restaurant, but can't have my mum, sister and brother in law round as that pushes us up to 7?

"But we could book tables next to each other in a restaurant?

"The rules are nonsensical, much like everything this government is doing."