A PROTESTING ex-policeman from Reading has made formal complaints to police following his arrest at an Extinction Rebellion event which was shut down by police.

Steve Goodman, an ex-policeman from Reading, was arrested by police on Lambeth Bridge, London.

His arrest, which took place on Thursday, September 3,was reportedly on the grounds of "obstructing the highway."

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He claimed an officer said to him "We [The protesters] had all been warned an hour earlier, but because we were still on the bridge we were being arrested for obstructing the highway".

However, Mr Goodman claims that "I certainly wasn't [warned], and I'm yet to meet someone who has, as I've spoken to quite a lot of the people who were arrested."

The protest, organised by climate-change activists Extinction Rebellion, included hundreds of self-proclaimed 'rebels' cycling along the bridge where, soon after arrival, Metropolitan Police began making arrests.

ALSO READ: Reading man charged after attack in TilehurstHe was later released 'pending further investigation', however he was told his bicycle needed to be retained for police evidence.

Mr Goodman told The Chronicle he has submitted a formal complaint to the police via 101. He has not yet been reunited with his bicycle.

He is also in the process of drafting a complaint and a demand for his bike back.

British Transport Police, City of London Police, and Metropolitan Police have been contacted for further comment.