A WOMAN 'who does everything she can for others' has tragically lost her parrot and part of her home after a Segway charging in her house caught fire.

Carrie-Ann Howard, from Tilehurst, has set up a Go Fund Me Page for her mother Sharon after her daughter left her Segway charging at Sharon's home in Tern Close while nobody was in.

They returned to find that it had caught fire, and sadly Sharon's pet parrot, which was in the room, has since died as a result of the blaze.

Sharon's dog Storm also remains at the vets on oxygen.

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Posting on social media to warn others about leaving Segways charging, Carrie-Ann said: "Just wanted to post this as a warning.

"Last Thursday my daughter left her Segway charging at my mum's house in Tern Close.

"We went to visit my brother and the Segway caught fire whilst we were out.

"Please if any of your children have a Segway do not leave it charging unattended.

"My mum has lost everything, including her parrot."

Reading Chronicle:

The post includes a picture of what's left of the Segway, which has completely melted.

She has since set up a Go Fund Me page to try to help her mother out financially since part of her home has been destroyed and she faces additional vet bills for her dog.

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It reads: "Sharon does every thing she can for other people and asks for nothing in return.

"She now has to find the money for vet bills and to replace everything in the front room. If anyone can help us we would be grateful."

A picture taken inside the home shows the extent of the damage caused.

To view and donate to the page, click here.