A PHOTO capturing a crowded street in Reading is dividing opinion on social media regarding face coverings.

Bejamin Carson snapped the image, which shows a busy Broad Street full of shoppers.

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Posting the photo online, he said: "Masks, masks everywhere. So many you can count on one hand", referencing the fact that not many people in the picture seem to be wearing a face mask.

Although taken outside, the government advice is to wear a face covering in crowded areas and to keep a distance of at least a metre.

Although one commented "Disgraceful", some didn't see a problem with the photo.

One person said: "People don't need to wear masks outside.

"They should take advantage of breathing in the oxygen."

Responding to comments that the picture was taken outside, Mr Carson said: "Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

"But the guidance says to wear them in crowded spaces.

"This pic happened to be outside but it's the same in lots of shops.

"People walking past you spitting and breathing in your face.

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"Wearing a mask has been proven to reduce the risk of virus transmission many, many times now in multiple labs so I don't see why people don't do it."

The latest advice from government is to wear a face mask in public places, on public transport and in busy areas, while maintaining a distance.