Controversial extension plans at a house on a quiet cul-de-sac in Reading have been approved without a vote after meeting national standards.

Applications for two storey extensions at the side and rear of 10 Pegs Green Close, which is near to Prospect Park, had been twice refused at meetings over the last two years.

But for the latest application, landlord Mohammed Zamir took a different tactic, removing one storey from the side extension plans and making sure the development matched permitted development criteria.

This government legislation allows changes to homes without planning permission if they meet certain criteria, leaving councils with no option but to approve plans, no matter how controversial.

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Local ward councillor Jo Lovelock said: “The residents are really upset.

“This permitted development stuff is a slippery slope and the government is going to be doing more of it.

“When it something as big as that I think it should be properly consulted on as part of a proper planning process, not just allowed on permitted development grounds.”

Pegs Green Close is a cul-de-sac of 10 semi-detached houses and residents were worried the extension plans would ruin the character of the road and impact on their privacy and light.

On hearing his plan had been approved, Mr Zamir said: “I bent over backwards to consult my neighbours but their stubborn obstructive behaviour has cost them now.”

Richard Picken, who lives at 9 Pegs Green Close, responded: “All this bending over backwards stuff is a load of codswallop.

“He has done nothing to help us or placate us.”

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On the approved plan, he said: “I think it just within the law. What niggles us mostly is it isn’t any different really to the previous plans.

“If he had gone to the council again it would be thrown out.”

Yalini Cooper, who lives at 8 Pegs Green Close, said the behaviour of Mr Zamir had been “unacceptable” throughout the planning process.

On the plan going through, she said: “I think it is very unfair. It is disrespecting the decisions made previously.

“It has taken away any power of objection from the councillors and neighbours.”