THE temporary measure to make Newbury Town Centre pedestrianised 24 hours a day will come to an end next month.

Times for the town centre pedestrianised zone will revert back to 10am to 5pm on September 7.

Around the clock pedestrianisation was introduced as part of a range of measures to support the local economy as shops began to reopen in June.

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It helped to support outdoor eating space and provide a boost to shopper’s confidence to return to the high street by ensuring that West Berkshire was safely open for business.

It also helped allow social distancing measures to be introduced in a safe, traffic free environment and assisted with the reopening of the town centre.

Richard Somner, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Highways and Transport said: “Round the clock pedestrianisation was a really helpful measure to enable Newbury Town Centre to re-open safely.

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“However, as we move further forward with the recovery and as schools return, we can return the pedestrianisation to the normal time of 10am to 5pm to ease pressure on local roads.”