THE widow of PC Andrew Harper has written an open letter to all emergency services workers in the country asking them to support Harper's Law.

Lissie Harper has also written to the Unions representing hundreds of thousands of emergency service workers across the country seeking to meet with them to discuss her plans for the law which is calling for all criminals convicted of killing a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor, prison officer or paramedic to be jailed for life.

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In the open letter, Lissie writes: "My name is Lissie Harper.

"Just over a year ago I sadly lost my husband, Thames Valley Police officer Andrew Harper, who was killed on duty.

"We ask our emergency services workers to keep the peace.

"To save lives.

"To protect us.

"So it is my strong belief that society must offer the greatest protection for those killed protecting it.

"I do not believe that is currently the case.

"That is why I have now started the campaign for a new Harper’s Law, in memory of Andrew.

"Harper’s Law will see any criminal guilty of causing the death of a Police Officer, Firefighter, Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic or Prison Officer as a result of their crime face a fitting punishment.

"To take a life should mean a life sentence in prison. That is what Harper’s Law will provide - an appropriate deterrent and a suitable punishment.

"Our country is permeated with good and bad, right and wrong, disaster and despair, the beauty of civilisation and the ugliness of brutality.

"Among people from all walks of life, all mentalities and cultures, we are blessed with those that protect us all. A select few make a choice to devote their time to the safety and health of others. Risking their own lives in the line of duty.

"Far too often our heroes are taken for granted, attacked and assaulted. And on rare occasion their lives are cruelly taken. My husband was one of these heroes, one of the protectors who gave everything to his job as a police officer.

"He served his community, he took pride in his work and made it his mission to clear the streets of those who don't deserve to be there.

"All Andrew wanted to do was to help people, he was selfless, kind and compassionate.

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"He was an impressive police officer and never did anything by halves.

"Yet it is now, after his life has been taken that he has been let down, let down by the very laws that he fought to implement every day that he proudly wore his uniform.

"He deserved so very much more than that.

"I want to change the way that our country views our emergency services workers.

"I want our Government to offer them the most protection they can.

"Ultimately, I want to provide justice for those who will deserve it most of all.

"For too long have criminals been able to commit crime, cause harm and take the lives of the innocent. This needs to change and I need your support in order to do that.

"Harper’s Law is the beginning of something positive.

"Already the campaign has been seen and heard of by millions of people via the national media and, at the time of writing, more than 450,000 people have already signed our petition - - asking for anyone guilty of killing an emergency services worker to be jailed for life.

"Momentum continues to build for Harper’s Law but we must go further.

"I had to sit through a grueling trial until eventually my husband’s killers were faced with an underwhelming and insufficient sentence. I do not wish for families to have to endure the same horrific pain in the future on top of their already grief-stricken shoulders.

"To take a life of an emergency services worker should mean facing a life sentence in prison.

"Let’s give our protectors the ultimate protection. Let’s show the criminals and killers of this world that they cannot cause our heroes to fall without paying the price, we will not let this stand any longer.

"I kindly implore you and your family and friends to support me with Harper’s Law - and help me to make this legacy for Andrew possible. I will keep fighting for what is right just like my husband did. I wish to do this for him but also for all of you.

"You run towards danger. You fight our fires and guard us from the barbarians that already walk our prison halls. You save people’s lives and care for those in their time of need.

"I kindly ask for you to now keep spreading the word of Harper’s Law. Let’s get our MP’s, Home Secretary and Prime Minister to sit up and take notice.

"Tell all what we want to achieve, sign the petition, share our words and I hope that together we will achieve Harper’s Law."