A HOME-MADE signpost placed in Winnersh has caused outrage with residents and motorists this week.

On August 17, residents noticed a signpost tied to a pedestrian crossing post on the Winnersh Triangle Roundabout, which read: 'How many people do you know who have died of Covid-19?'

The sign, its message interpreted as an allusion to the conspiracy theory that the Covid-19 virus does not exist, caused residents to show their anger online.

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One resident said on Facebook: "Has anyone else seen this sign by the Showcase roundabout?

"It is massively disrespectful to those who have lost loved ones.

"If people don’t want to believe Covid is happening then do what you want, but don’t put up stupid disrespectful signs."

The sign was taken down on the same day, August 17.

Another comment read: "I got it too.

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"It was the two last weeks in March. My heartbeat was so fast, and I was not able to walk. Just disaster tired.

"My body was just so weak. I had hallucinations. Stuff around me was moving, I did heard loud radio on, even everything was off. Nasty cough. Had to sit in the bed only.

"Temperature 29-30 degrees but feel so hot. 111 was never available to reach. I could call wait for hours, no one pick up.

"I managed talk to 999, they said as far I was able to made hot drink for my self, then just stay at home.

"Yes. Definitely this Covid 19 is real"