COMEDIAN Ricky Gervais has inspired a brewery to create a beer where profits will help to find dogs on the street new homes.

BrewDog, also a pub chain, has collaborated with the star on a charity beer project called Street Dog.

In a video posted by James Watt, captain of BrewDog, Ricky Gervais speaks about the project.

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After tasting the beer for himself, he said: “They (BrewDog) have decided to dedicate a beer called Street Dog and all the profits if you buy this beer goes to rehoming dogs.”

The two charities that will benefit are Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter.

BrewDog, which has a pub in Reading, explained it hopes “to raise awareness and help our four legged friends find new homes”.

Its website continued: “This partnership was inspired by Ricky Gervais, a long term advocate for homeless canines following his ‘shout out to BrewDog’ on Twitter.”

BrewDog said they will be using the space on its Punk IPA beer cans to showcase profiles of some of the charities’ dogs who are in need of a new family for a limited time.

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It said: “100% of all the profits generated from the sales of Street Dog will be split evenly between the two charities.”

Speaking in the video, Ricky said: “What an amazing company they are, BrewDog.”

He added: “If that was my only legacy I’d be happy with that - sorting out homelessness for dogs.”

The Street Dog Punk IPA can be ordered on BrewDog’s website.