MORE than 100 bike thefts have been reported in Reading since lockdown.

According to PoliceUK, a total of 105 bike thefts have been reported in the town in the last six months.

Many have shared experiences on social media of thefts from outside The Oracle shopping centre recently, with bikes being reported stolen from the bike racks.

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The crime stats map also shows that, in the past 12 months, 344 bikes had been stolen from Reading, with 34 of those being in the last three months.

Reading Chronicle:

Bikes stolen in Reading in the last six months

Reading Chronicle:

Commenting on the thefts, a spokeswoman from The Oracle said: "We have a number of safety and crime prevention measures in place at the Oracle, including regular patrols of the bike racks, and we also supply our own locks if we feel bikes are insufficiently protected."

In July, Thames Valley Police (TVP) Reading posted advice on keeping bikes safe after holding 'Cycle Theft Awareness Have Your Say' events.

The force warned locals to lock up removal parts such as wheels and remove lights from the bike when leaving the cycle locked somewhere.

Reading Chronicle:

However, one reply said that a bike had been stolen on Broad Street, and that no cameras were in the area.

The crime map shows that the majority of bike thefts happen in the centre of town, with around 48 bikes being reported as stolen from areas close to The Oracle, Broad Street Mall, Bridge Street and Oxford Road since March.

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Last week, a teenager had his bike taken from him by a group in Lower Earley.

Police are appealing for witnesses following the robbery, which took place at around 4.20pm on Wednesday (August 5).