A POST-production company has official opened in Winnersh Triangle this week.

Pip Studios, a newly founded post-production audio company, is set to work among television, feature films, gaming and streaming industries.

The company opened its doors in Winnersh for the first time on July 30.

Nigel Bennett, Co-Founder and Chairman of Pip Studios, said: "The Covid-19 pandemic delayed our official opening by a month, so we used that time to further refine the facility.

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"Happily, we were able to keep building it out with only minor delays on certain materials.

"The UK production sector has lacked Atmos capacity for a while and opening these six stages now is perfect timing as production starts to ramp up again."

Ally Curran, Co-founder, said: "We have designed a facility that meet the needs of our clients, whilst ensuring the space is adaptable for a variety of audio work and new business.

"As a completely new and independent facility we are also able to offer highly competitive rates, as well as being agile and responsive to client needs."

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The business holds state-of-the-art technology for its field, including six Dolby-certified Atmos stages with high-quality 24-fader consoles.

Mark Sheffield, co-founder, said: "Through our reputation we have been able to bring on board a highly experienced and well-regarded crew to service our clients work.

"We might be new and the facilities might be fresh out of the box, but everything is driven by experience and expertise, and we can offer them the assurance that their content is in safe hands."