Town councillors in Earley have made requests to reduce the speed limits on various roads in the town.

This request follows concerns for welfare were raised by Earley residents, as speeding in the town is one of the most commonly reported concerns to the town council, according to Cllr Clive Jones.

The adjustments requested include decreasing certain road speed limits, improved signage and vehicle-activated signage.

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Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Earley Town Council, said: “Speeding is one of the commonest and most worrying concerns raised by Earley residents with Councillors.

"We have listened to these views and our proposals would make our roads much safer for everyone, especially children, the vulnerable and cyclists.

"All of the actions in our submission are quite affordable.

"Earley Town Council will now do its utmost to ensure that Wokingham Borough Council brings these to fruition in a timely manner."

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Labour Councillor Sheena Matthews said: "The speed limit is generally 30mph, but often disregarded.

"In parts of my ward in North Earley, we are proposing additional pedestrian crossings and some reductions to 20 mph. Slower is safer."

The list of roads requested to be slowed down to 20mph, either permanently or during school hours/temporarily include:

  • All of Hawkedon Way, including all roads off 
  • Gipsy Lane between Rushey Way and Mill Lane 
  • Silverdale Road from Betchworth Avenue to Gipsy Lane 
  • Hillside Road between Silverdale Road and Roman Way 
  • All of Radstock Lane, including all roads off 
  • Wychwood Crescent
  • Harcourt Drive, Rowland Way, Falstaff Avenue, Flaxman Close and Felstead Close
  • All roads off Beech Lane except Redhatch Drive
  • Elm Road, between Elm Lane and Langdale Gardens (the Woolacombe Drive exit) 
  • Church Road from Three Tuns crossroads to the railway bridge 
  • Contiguous area within North Earley to include Milton Road, Erlegh Court Gardens, Byron Road, Whitegates Lane and The Drive
  • Palmerstone Road, Eastcourt Avenue,  Anderson Avenue, Fairview Avenue
  • Beaconsfield Way and all roads off

Roads proposed to get alternative adjustments, either slowing down to 30mph or additional signposting etc., include:

  • Kilnsea Drive
  • Wokingham Road from the Three Tuns to Showcase Cinema roundabout
  •  Meldreth Way, Cutbush Lane, Carshalton Way junction 
  • Elm Road, between Elm Lane and Langdale Gardens (the Woolacombe Drive exit) 
  • Chatteris Way - Cutbush Lane 
  • Mill Lane, from Lower Earley Way to Mole Road 
  • All of Redhatch Drive
  • All of Beeston Way 
  • All of Ryhill Way 
  • Church Road from the railway bridge and Pitts Lane 
  • Culver Lane
  • Toseland Way and Skelmerdale Way

The proposed road changes are yet to be confirmed.