NEW research has placed Reading 10th in a list of the best places for graduates to move to after leaving university.

After analysing some of the UK's biggest towns and cities on a number of factors, including median salary; monthly cost of living; average rent (one bed property); employment rate; population percentage of 18 - 25 year-olds; pubs and bars per 10,000 people and restaurants per 10,000 people, graduate company Debut revealed the top 10 locations for grads.

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Reading ranked 10, with a median salary of £32,852, monthly cost of living at £729.83, employment rates of 78.1 per cent, as well as 4.9 pubs and bars per 10,000 people and 74.69 restaurants per 10,000 people.

You can view the research in full here.

Below is the full list

Reading Chronicle:

But what should graduates looking for jobs and a new place to start their adult lives be doing right now?

Kim Connor Streich, marketing director of Debut, said: "The last three months have rocked the world, graduating students included.

"In the initial week or so of lockdown, we saw applications plummet and app use substantially down, but since then it has picked up. I think students are very aware that their options are likely to be more limited and there will be more competition for jobs.

"Students should not be worried, but they should be very focused on preparing and getting applications in.

"Some companies paused recruitment, but that was to get their processes revised so that they could do these from home.

"Currently, most employers are trying to get back to hiring, but will make final decisions on numbers of recruits closer to the time.

"Some industries have been hit particularly hard.

"For example if you were thinking of getting a job in the airline sector, then you will really struggle as many of the graduate schemes have been cancelled.

"One of the themes that many employers have been pushing for a while and that will apply even more this year is that your degree does not define you.

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"Even for subject specific degrees such as finance, your skills can be used in every company, the same goes for every degree.

"The graduate recruitment market will be more competitive this year however, so students should be really focused on getting applications in early and making sure they put their best foot forward.

"They also will definitely have to get used to doing video interviews and presenting on camera."

You can view the graduate career index in full by clicking here.