GOING on a night out into town may seem like a distant memory but as restaurants and pubs are now back open, will you be on your best behaviour?

Often with drink involved, social occasions can lead to 'poor life choices' but with some eager residents ready to paint the town red, where is the best and worst place for a civilised night out.

Online Casinos has looked at the latest crime index data and alcohol related hospital admissions.

Wokingham has claimed the top spot as the most civilised town in the UK for a night out.

Reading Chronicle:

According to the data, low crime and cheating statistics, and a tame binge-drinking culture means Wokingham is the place to head to if you’re looking for a wholesome night on the town just outside of Reading.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Blackpool was revealed as the most uncivilised night out!

The seaside town takes the top spot for the ‘loosest’ destination for a night out. With high crime, binge-drinking and moderate cases of infidelity, this British tourist hotspot is the worst place for unfavourable behaviour.