THE TOWN council for Woodley have asked residents to fill in a survey on what they would like to feature in the new playpark.

The survey was released to residents online through the Woodley Town Council website, asking for suggestions on what play items their children would like to see at the new play area in Woodford Park, beside the town centre.

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A spokesman for Woodley Town Centre said: "Woodley Town Council would like your views on the type of play equipment and features you would like to see in the new play area in Woodford Park behind the Oakwood Centre.

"The project is in the planning stages and we are looking for feedback from play area users to help us develop the design brief.

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"Once we have some design proposals we will be carrying out further consultation to choose the final design elements.

"If you would like to contribute your views, please complete the short online survey. Thank you."

To complete the survey, visit