A COUNCILLOR for Woodley raised questions over a dilapidated bridge earlier this month, after it was ‘promised’ it would be repaired.

Cllr Richard Dolinski, Loddon Ward, asked the Leader of the Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) John Halsall where the money for the repairs, of which were identified to be £200,000 in 2012, had been used, and whether the repair plans could still be guaranteed.

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He said in a meeting with the Wokingham Borough Council on July 6: “In 2012, residents of my ward were promised the restoration of the Bailey bridge across the River Loddon was to be done.

"Potentially this would have created a greenway linking Woodley to Twyford.

"The benefits are all too apparent and supports the aspirations of the Council to promote alternative methods of travel to reduce congestion and improve our environment.

"The cost in 2012 had been identified at £200,000.

"Funding was made available in the form of a £140,000 grant and the rest from developers’ contributions.

"At the time this was widely reported in the media. Can you please tell Loddon Ward residents what happened to this money and guarantee now that the Bailey bridge will be finally restored?"

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Cllr Dolinski said to The Chronicle he had given Cllr Hallsall six days advance notice of the question, prior to the council meeting.

In response, Cllr Hallsall said during the virtual council meeting: “Sadly, I can do neither of those today.

“I do promise to respond to both of these points in the future.

“I need to do a bit more research on the question.

“I am sorry, but I have not had sufficient time to bottom out the question.”

Cllr Dolinski is currently awaiting response.