GYMS across England will be able to reopen this weekend following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

The government has announced gyms, swimming pools, fitness and dance studios and sports venues will be able to reopen from Saturday, July 25, having been closed for months during lockdown.

However, when asked if they will be heading back to the gym when they reopen, the majority of our poll respondents decided they would rather work out from home.

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On Twitter, 63 people voted on the poll with 23.8 per cent saying 'yes, I feel comfortable'.

However, more than three quarters of the respondents said 'no, I'll work out at home' with 76.2 per cent choosing this option.

The government has issued strict instructions for gyms, which include 'regular deep cleans, plus a 'restriction on how many people are allowed in at one time'.

Gyms have also been told to encourage visitors to arrive 'wearing their sports clothes' and to 'shower at home if possible'. The reason behind the move is to limit the amount of time and usage of the on-site changing rooms.

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However, the culture secretary Oliver Dowden confirmed gym goers will not need to wear a face mask.

While the announcement has been made by the government, individual gyms, or gym-chains may have different rules in place, so check with your local gym before travelling.