A TEENAGE boy who flew to Mexico for potentially life saving cancer treatment is now back home in Emmer Green and is catching up with his friends and family and playing with his dogs.

Charlie Ilsley, 13, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most high-grade brain tumour found in children when he was eight years old.

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He has undergone countless operations and even more hospital trips since to help rid him of this cancer.

In June, he travelled to Mexico with his mum Toni and dad Mark for Immunotherapy treatment which Toni hoped would be the “third time lucky” for her son.

After weeks of visiting hospital, Charlie finished his treatment on July 10 and flew back home last week.

The family is currently self isolating for two weeks.

Toni said Charlie is “so glad to be home” and “went straight upstairs to play the Playstation”.

She said he has been catching up with his friends and also playing with his dogs.

Charlie’s mum added he missed his brother and sister whilst he was away.

Before returning to England, Charlie had an MRI scan and Toni said the “results were really amazing”.

She said the doctor treating Charlie “can’t compare exactly because Charlie didn’t have a scan just before treatment, but the cancer has not grown”.

Whilst in Mexico, the family also had time to enjoy themselves in between Charlie’s hospital trips.

They visited a Mexican ranch multiple times where Charlie had the opportunity to ride horses, swim in a heated pool and relax in a hot tub overlooking a waterfall.

A pink rose named Charlie’s rosa was bought as a gift by the Ilsley’s for the owner who then helped him plant it at the ranch.

Although the family is now home, they still need your help with fundraising.

Toni, her 31-year-old daughter Jess and Charlie will be returning to Mexico at the beginning of August so Charlie can have another scan to see if treatment has worked.

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For the family to return to Mexico for Charlie’s next scan, they need to raise at least £4,000.

This will go towards the scan, flights and accommodation.

Toni said: “Again I would like to thank all those who have supported Charlie.

“It’s time to make the cancer suffer like it’s made us suffer.”

The Chronicle has launched a campaign to support his family’s efforts.

If you would like to support this campaign, visit the Facebook page ‘URGENT APPEAL! Charlie’s chance to kick cancer’ or click here.