EVERY town sees its fair share of criminal activity, ranging from antisocial behaviour, to theft and more serious offences.

Using the latest police statistics, The Chronicle can reveal Reading's most common recent crime - the one which has shown up the most when analysing latest month available (May 2020).

Still in the midst of lockdown, stats for May perhaps won't reflect an accurate picture of Reading during a normal period, but they will show what kind of criminal was most at large despite the pandemic.

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Police.UK data shows that 356 crimes were reported in central Reading throughout May.

Of these, we have rounded up the most common:

1. Violence and sexual offences - 120

This was the town's most commonly reported crime during May, with 120 cases reported in the town.

The map below shows the criminal 'hotspot' areas of the month.

Reading Chronicle:

2. Antisocial behaviour - 40

Spanning a myriad of crimes, this offence is described as 'behaviour by a person which causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to others'.

These made up 40 of the 356 reported incidents in town throughout May, meaning lockdown certainly brought out some inconsiderate behaviour.

3. Public order - 35

Again, this crime can encompass different things, but is defined in the Public Order Act 1986 as criminal behaviour which usually refers to the use of or threat of violence or harassment towards someone else in a public place.

Examples include rioting, violent disorder, harassment, abuse and more.

4. Other - 161

According to Police.UK, this is a broad category containing offences that are notifiable to the Home Office.

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The graph below gives a picture of Reading's criminal goings on for May:

Reading Chronicle:

The site also reveals that May's most common crime outcome was: 'investigation complete, with no suspect identified.'

Reading Chronicle:

Outcomes, Police.UK