READING'S favourite used car has been revealed through a new study by ChooseMyCar.

We have also provided details of the top 10 for the town.

The company's research shows the top five overall best value used cars (according to average sale price and mileage) as well the top five in demand cars.

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The Volkswagen Golf was revealed to be Reading's most listed used car, with 270 total listings, and an average mileage of 21,462 and average price of £12,950.

Reading Chronicle:


Skoda came second, while the Volskwagen Polo was third.

ChooseMyCar has delved into their internal data to reveal the average sold price and mileage of hundreds of thousands of cars listed with them, to reveal the best value used cars.

The top five overall best value used cars are:

Reading Chronicle:

The top five overall most in demand cars are shown below:

Reading Chronicle:

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The research can be viewed in full here.