A MOVIE Audio post-production company has set its sights on moving to Winnersh Triangle.

Pip Studios, a post-production audio company for films, television shows, games and streaming industries, has taken a 20-year lease on the studio in Winnersh Triangle Business Park recently, for the site's valuable links to London and Heathrow.

The studio company was co-founded this year by Ally Curran, Mark Sheffield, and Nigel Bennett, all three of which have worked on more than 200 films between them.

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Ally Curran, formerly of Deluxe and Universal Pictures, said: “We are excited to be making the move to Winnersh Triangle where we have the unique opportunity to create a bespoke high-tech space for our growing business. "

Mark Sheffield, a former dubbing mixer at Pinewood Group and director of audio operations at Deluxe, said: "When you work in this industry there are very specific technical guidelines for studios to adhere to.

"Winnersh Triangle gave us the ideal opportunity to create something outstanding.

"Being able to offer our clients a facility that is located within a quiet location, on an attractive business park makes all the difference.

"First impressions last and our new facility makes a bold statement."

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The fit-out of the studios is almost complete, and Pip Studios will soon be open for business.

Nigel Bennett, who will act as chairman (as well as managing director at London-based Molinare) said: "Many of our clients travel internationally to visit us and with Heathrow just a stone’s throw away and access to 4-star hotels with spas and gyms onsite, Winnersh Triangle will enable us to offer our clientele the right experience of our business, whilst remaining within striking distance of London."