COVID-19 is halting legal action against a group of travellers who set up an encampment in Reading last month.

Around 17 caravans and other vehicles remain in the park, which the council hope to evict when they are able to do so.

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Pictures show the group currently at the site Richfield Avenue, with multiple vehicles parked in the area.

The council said numbers have "fluctuated" since an encampment was set up at the Thames Promenade on June 16, and that ongoing Covid-19 restrictions have slowed down usual procedures.

A spokesman from Reading Borough Council said: "An encampment of around 17 caravans and other vehicles initially arrived at the Thames Promenade on June 16/17th June.

"The numbers have fluctuated and the encampment has moved location within the area, including spending some time on private land, which affected the council’s ability to initiate legal action to evict.

"The process of legal action for eviction has now begun however and we are now awaiting a court date. Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions we are having to follow the Magistrates Court process.

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"We hope to have that court date confirmed before the end of this week but, as always, this will depend court availability."

Last week, residents reported a traveller encampment in Theale, West Berkshire.

West Berkshire Council said it could not comment on the issue, which was the responsibility of Theale Parish Council, who were also contacted for a comment.