MANY have long-awaited the return of pubs following their closure in March, however most who visited their local in Reading last weekend say there "wasn't enough" social distancing in place.

In a poll posted yesterday (July 6) to Chronicle readers who had been to the pub since their reopening on Saturday, 62 per cent (32 voters) said not enough had been done.

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Another 20 voters however (38 per cent) said they felt safe and measures taken had been effective.

Reading Chronicle:

After a three month closure, pubs reopened their doors as the government began the first steps of taking the country out of lockdown.

Pubs have had to implement new rules to ensure customers are able to keep a safe distance from others, and in establishments across the country, several hygiene practices have been altered and increased to reflect the need for greater cleanliness.

Since Saturday, it has been revealed that a number of pubs have had to close again due to people testing positive for coronavirus.

Three establishments have since alerted their patrons that they have had to close again just days later, after cases of Covid-19.

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The Lighthouse Kitchen and Carvery in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, said a customer had tested positive and it was making its way through a list of people who were in the bar on Saturday.

The Village Home Pub in Alverstoke, Gosport, said it had also "had a case of Coronavirus in the pub", adding that "some of us are in isolation".