Two roads have now re-opened 11 days after the shocking terror attack which rocked Reading.

Police remain stationed across the town as investigations into the killings of James Furlong, 26, Joe Ritchie-Bennett, 39 and David Wails, 49, continue.

Officials said last week that a high police presence can be expected by residents for some time.

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The IDR, Forbury Road, is now open with Blagrave Street into Friar Street also open.

St Laurence’s Churchyard is also open.

Valpy Street remains closed while the route past Forbury Gardens into Market Place is still closed to traffic – with the exception of vehicular access to Abbots Walk residents (escorted access).

Footways that are still closed include:

  • Forbury Road South side (Forbury Gardens side) from Reading Gaol.
  • Chestnut Walk but access to Abbey St via the towpath.
  • The Abbey Ruins
  • Abbey Court footpaths to the Crown Court.

Police are facilitating access in and out of the cordon for residents living within the area. Officers at the cordon can advise further.

Information on road closures, as well as a book of condolence, tributes, a permanent memorial and fundraising can be found here and will be updated over the coming weeks.

Thames Valley Police chief constable John Campbell gave details of what could be expected on June 21, when he said there was no wider risk to the public, nobody else is being sought in connection with the attack, but that cordons would remain in place to allow investigations to continue.

Addressing the public, he said: “Police cordons will continue to be in place and I understand that this may cause disruption to you, but this is so vital that the police investigation can continue and I know you will understand this.

“You will see an increase in police presence. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to question them.”

The man accused of the killings appeared at the Old Bailey today.

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Khairi Saadallah, 25, of Basingstoke Road, has been charged with three counts of murder, and three counts of attempted murder following the attack which happened  shortly before 7pm on Saturday, June 20.