A CALCOT man has set up a fundraiser hoping it will help him and his wife achieve their dream of having a baby together.

Chris and Nicole Long, 33 and 31, have been together for six years - and have been trying to get pregnant for for five of those years.

Chris explained that the couple can't go through the NHS for IVF treatment due to the fact that Nicole has a 12-year-old son.

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He said: "Nicole has a son who is my wonderful stepchild, but our dream is to have a child of our own and for Michael to have a brother or sister.

"On October 30, 2017, sadly we went through a devastating ectopic pregnancy which obviously affected us both for a long time and still does to some degree."

IVF treatment will be costly for the couple, who will need to save up £4,000.

"Even if we raise half that amount, it will help us so much," said Chris.

"This is not what planned on doing but hopefully with some help through IVF it can help achieve our dream.

"Normally we wouldn't ask for help but any contributions that we have would be so greatly appreciated."

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Speaking about the possibility of having a child, Chris said: "It would mean absolutely everything to us - it has been a long time.

"We know it is difficult times at the moment but anything people can give would be appreciated, the smallest amount possible would help us to achieve our dream."

To view and donate to the fundraiser, click here.