A COUPLE from Sonning have enjoyed a surprise celebration organised to mark their diamond wedding anniversary this week.

Enid and Geoff Harvey have been married for 60 years and celebrated their milestone wedding anniversary yesterday (June 25).

The couples’ daughter Carole Collier surprised her parents by putting up banners and bunting outside their home and a black and white picture of the pair on their wedding day.

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At 1pm, neighbours and family members stood outside their home to raise a glass to the couple.

The pair said: "What a surprise to see so many of our friends and neighbours outside our house helping us to celebrate our diamond anniversary."

Carole said her parents are “great” and have had a “very, very happy marriage”.

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The couple added: "We have had a wonderful 60 plus years together and look forward to many more years to come."

Enid, 80 this year, and Geoff, 83, met in their early teens as bell ringers at St Stephen’s Church Ealing where they later got married.

They moved to Sonning from Ealing in 1963 and have lived in the same house since.

They have two children Tym and Carole, six grandsons and one great grandson.

Carole said: “They have done a great job bringing us all up.

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“We certainly all look up to them.”

She added she is “very, very grateful for everything they have done for all of us”.

Carole explained her dad still rings bells at St Andrew’s Church in Sonning but had to stop due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of his bell ringing group joined in the outdoor celebration yesterday by ringing hand bells.

The family had planned to throw the pair a party on Saturday to celebrate but this had to be cancelled because of the pandemic.