THE cancer treatment for a teenage boy who travelled to Mexico for potentially lifesaving medical care is “going well so far” his mum has said but the family have had a “terrifying” experience since they arrived.

Charlie Ilsley, 13, from Emmer Green, travelled to Mexico with his mum Toni and dad Mark on Wednesday, June 17, for Immunotherapy.

Treatment for Charlie started on June 22 and speaking last week (Wednesday, June 24) Toni said it is “going well so far”.

The doctor treating Charlie has suggested he have another drug in addition to the current treatment which Toni said “blocks the main pathway of Charlie's cancer” and “stops it from being able to grow or come back”.

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To pay for the treatment, the family need to raise another £2,000 and so are continuing to fundraise.

Toni said: “We need it to give him the best chance.”

She added: “We all want to thank everyone who has shared his story and donated to his fund as he would not be here without their help and kindness.”

Since arriving in Mexico, the family have visited the pyramids which Toni described as “amazing” and said Charlie “loved seeing them”.

However, an earthquake struck Southern Mexico and affected the area the family are staying.

Toni said the experience was “terrifying”.

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She said: “I had just got back from a little walk and we heard a siren going off.

“We thought it was a fire alarm - looked out the hotel door and lots of other people were just looking so we thought it can’t be much.

“Then the floor began to move under your feet and Charlie shouted that his bed was moving, and all the lights were swaying then I realised what it was, so we tried to get out.”

She explained they are staying on the sixth floor and had to leave the building by going down an outside staircase describing the experience as “very scary”.

She added that Charlie is “fine in himself” but did not like the earthquake.

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