AN ADORABLE and "loyal" dog who was rescued from a meat truck in China needs to undergo surgery to stop the pain he has been left in.

Oscar, who now lives with loving owners in Shinfield, arrived in the UK in October last year.

Owner Jenna Linwood said: "He’s the sweetest boy and has been growing in confidence since he arrived, with the help of his big brother Buster who has settled him in and shown him the ropes.

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"They’re now firm friends, inseparable.

"Oscar was rescued in June last year from a shelter where he’d ended up after being taken off a meat truck.

"It’s impossible to know what he went through before he was taken off that truck but suffice to say he had probably never known any kindness and only known a lifetime of fear and pain. But Oscar is a survivor."

Oscar has some lasting effects as well as suffering ongoing psychological damage caused by the torture he endured.

He has been left with a big scar on his tongue and end-stage ear disease from chronic inflammation.

"One of his ears sits a little lopsided because of the scar tissue," said Jenna.

"At first, we were referred to a veterinary dermatologist and he was prescribed medication to reduce the inflammation.

"We’ve also tried a hypo-allergenic diet.

"But we always knew that we might end up at the last resort of surgery. Sadly, that’s what we’re facing now and the bill is going to be £10,000.

"Heartbreakingly, a CT scan confirmed that Oscar needs to have his whole ear canal removed in both of his ears.

"The procedure is called Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA).

"He absolutely must have the surgery to relieve his pain for good, but these costs are not covered by our insurance because his ear problems are deemed pre-existing."

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Jenna and Oscar's owners are asking for kindness and generosity to help Oscar.

She added: "He’s such a loyal and unassuming boy.

"After all he’s been through, the least he deserves is to be comfortable."

Close to £5,000 has been raised so far - half of the amount needed.

Organisation Slaughterhouse Survivors donated £1,770 to the page.

To donate to help Oscar, click here.