The following cases were heard at Reading Magistrates’ Court:
June 11:

ROBERT BLACK, 51, of Parsons Close, Newbury, admitted being drunk and disorderly in Parsons Close, Newbury, on May 16, 2020. Given a criminal behaviour order for two years which prohibits Black from consuming alcohol in a public place except licensed premises, or being in possession of an unsealed container of alcohol in public. Fined £50. Also ordered to pay £22 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.

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AMARJIT BRAR, 56, of Circuit Lane, Reading, admitted drink-driving in Russell Street, Reading, on March 16, 2020. Found to have 112mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, the legal limit being 35mcg. Fined £300. Also ordered to pay £85 victim surcharge and £85 court costs. Disqualified from driving for 36 months.

JASON DENTON, 33, of Chapel Street, West Berkshire, admitted being drunk and disorderly in Sagecroft Road, Thatcham, on June 9, 2020. Also admitted using threatening or abusive or insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment or distress in Thatcham on June 9, 2020, and admitted breach of a restraining order in Thatcham on June 9, 2020. Given a conditional discharge for six months. Fined £150 and ordered to pay £100 compensation.

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RUSSELL CARD, 49, of Fir Tree Lane, Newbury, admitted assault by beating in Newbury on February 24, 2020. Given a community order to comply with rehabilitation activity and ordered to undertake 75 hours of unpaid work. 

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