AS the town comes to terms with the horrific events of Saturday, The Chronicle aims to update locals every step of the way.

Certain media outlets have published details about suspect Khairi Saadallah, as well as speaking to members of his family, about the case.

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His past has also been delved into, and information deemed relevant has been brought to light by some national press publications.

The killings on Saturday are now part of an active police investigation and, in line with media law practice, it is essential that details about the suspect are not heavily reported on, so as not to prejudice an upcoming trial.

As legal proceedings have begun, The Chronicle could be in contempt of court to publish any information on the man arrested following Saturday's attacks, including reports of previous convictions.

In order to allow police to carry out their investigation, and serve the community of Reading in the best way possible, The Chronicle will be sticking to legal guidelines throughout this case.

Once the case goes to trial, more details will emerge and can be published to our readers.

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We hope you understand that, as a local paper, our aim is to keep everyone informed while ensuring that court proceedings are not sabotaged, so justice can be properly served.

RIP Forbury Three, James Furlong, Joe Ritchie-Bennett and David Wails.