“YOU do not stand alone” — that’s the Shadow Home Secretary’s message to Reading’s residents following Saturday’s terror attack.

Labour MP Nick Thomas-Symonds laid flowers outside Forbury Gardens with Reading East MP Matt Rodda on Tuesday (June 23).

Mr Thomas Symonds said the town was coming together in “a remarkable way” in “these awful times”.


Speaking to the Chronicle, he said of Reading: “You do not stand alone.

“The politics of hate, division and terror will not win.

“People around the country stand with the people of Reading now."

His visit came after Home Secretary Priti Patel met with police officers who were directly involved in halting the attack at a meeting on Monday.

Following her meeting, she told press residents should remain “alert” and “vigilant” in the wake of the attack.

Asked if he echoed these comments, Mr Thomas-Symonds said he would and added: “The words of [Met Police Assistant Commissioner] Neil Basu struck me when he said to be ‘alert but not alarmed’. It seems to me that strikes the appropriate balance.

“At the same time let’s not forget there will be three grieving families, those who are injured, let’s make sure we have our thoughts too at this awful moment and make clear there is an enormous wave of sympathy from around the country and people sending support and standing with them in this hour of need. “

The Chronicle also asked the Shadow Home Secretary how, following his meeting with Priti Patel on Sunday, future attacks may be prevented.

The Labour MP added: “I will look at measures the government would seek to bring forward.

“I think it’s also important to say the police do need the space to carry out the investigation that’s required.

“I think it’s important that as various details come out that we don’t jump to swift conclusions.

“It’s important that investigation takes places then we can look at it in a measured, calm way, and do what can be done to prevent terrible events like this happening again.”