HOME Secretary Priti Patel today met with the police officers directly involved in halting Saturday’s terror attack at Forbury Gardens.

One man has been arrested and is still in police custody following the stabbings, which left three people dead and three more seriously injured.


Priti Patel urged the public to remain ‘vigilant’ and ‘alert’ speaking to press shortly before her meeting, which also involved Reading East MP Matt Rodda and Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Mr Stansfeld gave an insight into what happened at the meeting.

Reading Chronicle:

He said: “[Ms Patel] received an initial briefing from the chief constable and the officer in charge.

“She then went and met all the officers most directly involved in the whole business.

“Each of them told her where they were, what they were up to at the time and she thanked them very much indeed.

“She praised Thames Valley Police for how well this was dealt with.”

Reading East MP Matt Rodda told the Chronicle about what he discussed with the Home Secretary.

Reading Chronicle:

He said: “I had a very helpful and very sensible discussion with her about the need to keep the community together, how strong the community was, and we talked a bit about Forbury Gardens as well and about how popular it was in the town.

“We’re determined to work together and support one another and for myself to work with the government in a non-party-political way to support the local community and she’s offered help from the Home Office to do that.”

Mr Stansfeld praised Priti Patel for coming to the town.

He added: “She’s very good, the Home Secretary, at the visiting and coming.

“When we had the ghastly business of the PC Andrew Harper being murdered, she came to the investigation and she also personally attended the funeral of it in Oxford which I thought showed great commitment from the Home Secretary.”