A READING cosmetic surgery which had not trained all staff members to deal with emergencies has been told it has to make improvements following an inspection.

Chiltern Medical Clinic, based in Thames Court, Goring, was visited by members of the Care Care Quality Commission (CQC) earlier this year.

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In a report published last month, inspectors revealed that the surgery was rated overall as 'requires improvement'.

They noted lack of training to staff as a concern, saying: "The service did not provide mandatory training in key skills to all staff.

"Non clinical staff had not received basic life support training and there was a risk that staff might not recognise or know how to respond to signs of a patient’s deteriorating health."

Areas observed included: safety, which was deemed as needing improvement; effectiveness, which also requires improvement; care, which was rated 'good'; responsiveness, which was also deemed 'good' and leadership, which 'requires improvement'.

The service provides cosmetic surgery such as skin lesion surgery, blepharoplasty and earlobe repair.

All surgery is performed as a day case under local anaesthetic.

The maintenance of equipment was another area of concern for inspectors, who found that not all equipment had safety checks.

The report also states that patient reviews did not adequately take place.

It reads: "There was limited evidence that the service regularly reviewed patient outcomes and the effectiveness of care and treatment

through local audit."

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In terms of leadership, inspectors said that policies had not always been followed, such as training, staff appraisal and the storage of medicines.

Risk management was another factor noted by inspectors, who said: "The service did not have the systems to identify and manage

risks to reduce their impact.

"There was no evidence of completed environmental risk assessments"and "limited evidence that the service gathered information in order to improve and innovate."

The care and treatment of the service was praised in the report, which states: £The service provided good care and treatment, gave patients enough to drink and gave them pain relief when they needed it.

"Staff worked well together for the benefit of patients, advised them on how to lead healthier lives, supported them to make decisions about their care, and patients had access to good information."

Another area identified as being positive was the design and cleanliness of the service, which inspectors said "kept people safe".

The report says that staff protected patients and kept equipment and the premises visibly clean.

Chiltern Medical Clinic has been contacted for a comment.