DRIVERS are being warned of a huge hole that has opened up along a busy stretch of road in Reading.

Several people have taken to social media to warn others of the gaping crack that has appeared in Castle Hill.

Reading Chronicle:

Pictures and video by Garrett Clarke on Twitter

Footage of the road, heading in to the town centre, shows the surface has cracked open to reveal a huge hole.

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Drivers have been ushered around the hazardous lane by those passing by and police are now reportedly also at the scene.

A video captured by Garrett Clarke on Twitter showed the road moments before the huge hole appeared.

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Water can be seen gushing through the surface of the road like a fountain, while heavy downpours battered much of the town.

Traffic reports show the area appears to be coping well but drivers are being warned to go careful.

Thames Water is aware of the fault and has engineers looking into the issue.