MANY things have had to change and adapt in order to minimise the risk of catching Covid-19.

The Oracle town centre in Reading l will finally open up a variety of 'non-essential' shops today on June 15, as instructed under the new lockdown rules.

The town centre announced their detailed plans on how they will ensure Covid-19 guidelines are met next week.

What are the big changes happening today?

One way systems

It's simple but the Oracle is preparing for an influx of shoppers so there will be one way systems in confined spaces like Union Street, Oxford Road by Broad Street Mall, Station Road and the station subway.

Red signs can be seen across the town centre saying “new pedestrian one way system”.

White arrows, “one way” and “no entry” signs have also been painted on pathways urging people to walk in the right direction.

Red “Covid-19 keep apart” signs have been placed on lampposts reminding people to socially distance when visiting the town centre.

Yellow lines have been painted at the bus stop on Oxford Road to ensure commuters stay two metres apart.


The town has had a special electrostatic fogging treatment which releases a fine mist to sanitise key areas to destroy lurking coronavirus and harmful bacteria or mould.

There will also be cleaning teams out every day to ensure the town centre remains as clean and hygienic as possible.

Visitors to the town centre are being asked bring their own hand sanitiser, while businesses will also provide sanitiser at their shop entrances.

Shopping with families?

While The Oracle hasn't said anything about this, it is advised to shop alone or if you have small children, to keep them close by.

Essentially, if there's less people, there less chance of catching coronavirus.

Which shops will reopen?

So far, pharmacies and food stores have remained open during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, jewellery shops, clothes and shoe shops will open.

Shops will also limit the number of customers allowed into the store, so expect to queue.