WRISTBANDS that vibrate when workers get within two metres of each other are being trialled at a construction site near Reading to help workers work safely and uphold social distancing rules.

Bewley Homes is testing several social distancing wristbands that vibrate when workers come within two metres of each other at one of their sites in Arborfield near Reading.

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The ‘buzzing’ bands aim to remind workers to be vigilant about social distancing and stay apart while on site.

The first tests have been successful, and Bewley Homes is expecting to roll out the wrist bands across all its construction sites later in June.

The wristbands have been developed by One.site and contain in-built sensors which can recognise each other and are programmed to generate a low vibration should one wristband come within two metres of one another.

Over the last three months, Bewley Homes explored several ways to protect its workforce against contracting Covid-19.

Teaming up with One.site, part of UK Connect, the company is also rolling out measures including remote induction and contactless sign in when it reopens its sites this month.

Andrew Brooks, Managing Director of Bewley Homes, said: “Keeping workers safe on site is Bewley Homes’ number one priority.

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“This is another way of giving confidence to workers to return to a Bewley site.

"Our motto is ‘Safety and People First’ and our staff and the suppliers we work with respect us for it.

Andrew added: “Nearly every aspect of life has changed, if not forever, certainly for the next few months.

“Construction sites are no different and how we work on site has moved on."

He continued: “The challenge is about changing habits of workers on the construction site, which have been engrained over many years.

“Unless the message is continually reinforced, human nature takes over and people will gravitate back to how they have always behaved. So, we are introducing these wrist bands to help keep social distancing protocols.

“It’s not the only answer for the continued, important fight against the coronavirus, but added to the other important measures we are installing, hand on heart, we can say we are doing everything we can to keep workers safe.”