WHERE in Reading does the most crime take place?

What exact street sees the most criminal activity, thereby rendering it the most dangerous street in the town?

We have rounded up a list of the five most dangerous streets in the area using statistics provided by Thames Valley Police on Police.UK.

As well as specific streets, the figures show certain areas where crime tends to be high, such as in or near a supermarket.

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These figures are from April 2020. Because this is during lockdown, crime levels may be very different to what they would be at a normal time.

For April, 283 crimes were reported across the town.

The five areas which saw the most crimes are as follows:

1. In or near a supermarket - 16 crimes throughout April

These ranged from anti-social behaviour; violence, bicycle theft and more

2. In or near Salisbury Road - 10 crimes

Reading Chronicle:

In April alone, the road saw criminal damage and arson, anti-social behaviour and five instances of violence or sexual assault.

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3. In or near Cheapside - nine

Nine crimes were reported in this area in April 2020, ranging from vehicle crime (four) to antisocial behaviour (one).

4. In or near Battle Square - seven

Seven crimes were reported in this area in April 2020.

The most common was anti-social behaviour (three).

5. At Reading Station - six

Six crimes were reported at the main station throughout the month.

The most common crime in this area at the time was drug and theft offences (two for each).

The police stats website provides a brief summary of crimes at street-level over the past month.

The Crime Map on Police.UK highlights levels of crime throughout the whole of the town, but not all crimes that occurred can be shown on the map.

This map is populated with data submitted by local forces - in Reading's case, Thames Valley Police.

Reading Chronicle:

Crime Map. Police.UK image