EARLIER this week, we rounded up the five most common crimes in West Berkshire from April, which showed some surprising results.

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But what tends to be the outcome of these crimes?

We have delved into more statistics to round up the five most common outcomes of different crimes in the Pangbourne and Burghfield based on the most recent police figures for a period of 12 months (May 2019 - April 2020).

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Of the 1,722 crimes investigated in the villages in this period, the most common outcome was the investigation being completed with no suspect identified - 736 cases in the period saw this kind of outcome.

Below are the most common five.

1. Investigation complete; no suspect identified: 736 (42.7 per cent)

2. Unable to prosecute suspect: 389 (22.6 per cent)

3. 'Other' outcome: 262 (15.2 per cent)

4. Under investigation: 127 (7.4 per cent)

5. Status update unavailable: 113 (6.6 per cent)

Other possible categories include: defendant sent to crown court; offender sent to prison; offender fined; offender given penalty notice; action to be taken by another organisation; offender given a caution; awaiting court outcome; formal action is not in the public interest; offender given community sentence; offender given a drugs possession warning; local resolution; further investigation is not in the public interest; court results unavailable and status update unavailable.

Reading Chronicle:

The most common crime reported for the period April 2019 - March 2020 was violence and sexual offences.

To view more data, visit Police.UK.