RESIDENTS have shown concern regarding the overgrowth of linking paths in Lower Earley, prompting one local to write to the council.

Joy Luck, a resident of Lower Earley, complained to the council in an email, saying: “In these days of social distancing and government rulings I am annoyed to see most of the linking paths we use through the development have become very overgrown and making it mostly impossible to pass people safely.

"I’d like to know when and if they will be sorted?

"I especially want to report the path running from Hawkedon way play area to Mill Lane past the back of Hawkedon School, particularly as the schools will soon be opening and this is a major route to this school."

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She added: "At one point (until we trampled them) the weeds blocked the path completely!

"I also want to emphasis the urgent need to clear the cycle path along Lower Earley Way.

"The undergrowth and plant debris at the side making this pathway a lot narrower than it should be.

"I would like to thank you for finally clearing the edges of Gypsy Lane cycleway/footpath, however in my opinion this should be regularly checked and cleared as required as encroachment has already started."

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Ms Luck said to the Chronicle: "To their credit, they did a very good job in other places, such as Gypsy Lane, however this is after two years of me nagging them over it."

It was later confirmed by the council that maintenance work will be fulfilled on Lower Earley Way.

Wokingham Borough Council was asked to comment but did not respond.