LAST week, The Chronicle summarised the most commonly reported crimes in central Reading throughout March - but what about areas in West Berkshire?

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The latest police figures available (now from April 2020) show that violence and sexual offences were the most reported crimes in Pangbourne and Burghfield throughout the month.

In April, 83 crimes were reported in the West Berkshire villages, with 37 of those relating to violence and/or sexual offences, according to

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We have delved into the crime figures recorded in the first full month of the UK lockdown, and have provided a summary of the most common crimes.

Five most commonly reported crimes in April 2020 in Pangbourne and Burghfield

1. Violence and sexual offences Of crimes reported in April, 37 (44.6 per cent) were for violence and sexual offences.

2. Antisocial behaviour 15 (18.1 per cent)

3. Criminal damage and arson Nine (10.8 per cent)

4. Burglary

Five (Six per cent)

5. Public order

Five (Six per cent)

Reading Chronicle:

Table from Police.UK shows amount of all crimes reported throughout April.

Data on the Police.UK website is submitted by local forces.

Reading Chronicle:

The crime map shows which areas in Pangbourne and Burghfield the most crimes were reported throughout April.