HUNDREDS of Indian meals have been delivered to NHS staff working on the front line in Reading.

500 meals were delivered to staff working at Prospect Park Hospital and Royal Berkshire Hospital.

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The meals were prepared and delivered by Buddy Mansoor, the owner of The Hatch Gate Inn, Burghfield, who wanted to show his huge admiration and support for the NHS staff.

At the RBH, meals were provided in the central wellbeing centre where all staff go for their lunch and other meals.

Porters, administration and clinical staff were catered for.

Mr Mansoor said: “Initially I wanted to provide up to 1000 meals in one day for hospital staff but realised that was a little ambitious for the hospital to manage.

"The central wellbeing centre offers a range of snacks and meals but today, the staff received something extra special on the menu.

"350 meals ensured there was plenty to go round. Putting smiles on faces was our sole motive”.

All NHS hospital staff are now offered a 10 per cent discount on meals at The Hatch Gate.

A spokesperson for the RBH added: “The generosity of The Hatch Gate Inn, local people, young and old, community groups, religious organisations, pubs and restaurants, volunteers, businesses, schools and the University of Reading, charitable trusts and our other partners across Berkshire has been truly amazing.

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"It’s touched on the lives of everyone who works for the Trust as well as our patients and their families.

"We are extremely grateful to everyone who has demonstrated their support for staff, it has been hugely welcomed by everyone.”