A HEARTBROKEN woman who believed her dog was stolen for nearly a week received a phone call no owner wants to ever receive.

Kimberley Williams put out a public plea to find her French Bulldog Freddie after he vanished last Tuesday, May 26.

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After long hard days of searching, Kimberley received a 'devastating' phone call today from a woman who lives on the River Kennet in Reading.

Kimberley posted on Facebook: "It’s with such sadness that I have to share this devastating news. Today we had a call from a lovely lady that lives on the river Kennet. She had found a dog floating and had done her best to secure it and keep it so the currant didn’t take him away.

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"I’m heart broken to say the dog in the river was our Freddie. I’ve never cried and sobbed so hard as the moment my boy was taken out of the water and given to me. I didn’t want to let go when we took you to the vets Freddie, I'd have kept you in my arms for hours, and days if I could.

"Fly free little man I’m so sorry this happened and thank you so much for the two years of happiness you brought me. You was my side kick from the day I got you. You was my world. You brought so much joy into mine and those who met you lives.

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"I’m so so so sorry it took us 5 days to find you but please Freddie know I never once stopped searching."