A HARRY Potter fan from Mortimer transformed her home into the Orlando theme park after coronavirus scuppered her holiday.

Jen Bramwell, 32, 'got her creative hat on' when lockdown was announced and she realised she could no longer jet off for husband Chris' 35th birthday.

For months the business analyst bought props on eBay to build their own four-day 'Fauxlando' adventure - involving roller coasters, quidditch and a Butterbeer.

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She didn't stop there - her fake holiday also involved faux tickets, aeroplane meals, a shopping trip to Walmart and dinner at IHOP.

Mrs Bramwell said: "I'm a bit of a perfectionist - I was just going to do to one thing then it snowballed and I had to get the other details in.

"I was just going to do the Volcano Bay but then I thought I'm doing that so I might as well do the rest!

"It's the attention to detail - I enjoy that. I'm probably quite a creative person, even though my job is not very creative!

"I probably went a little overboard compared to what most people would do."

She did most decorating while her husband, a programme manager, worked during the day on Friday.

When he came home a suitcase and plane ticket were waiting outside with a 'Welcome to Mortimer International Airport' banner over the front door.

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Walking into his home he 'boarded the plane' and was given a meal on a tiny tray with different compartments while watching movies on a tiny screen.

"At first he didn't know what was going on but then he went along with it. It was so much fun!"

They had pancakes first thing the next day and had some friends to dial in with the menu.

They even went into a 'Walmart' in their garage, which had American candy and other items stacked on the shelves.

The house was transformed into a 'McBramwells' drive-thru and Mrs Bramwell used an online recipe for cheeseburgers.

Mr Bramwell ordered at one window then moved to the next window to pay and got his meal in his car.

The couple took a trip to Disney that same day - Mrs Bramwell donning a Snow White costume - where they rode virtual reality roller coasters and took green screen pictures on a flying carpet.

They visited the fictional Diagon Alley from Harry Potter in their courtyard, and used an online recipe to make butter beer at 'The Leaky Couldron' pub.

On Sunday they went to the waterpark Volcano Bay with a banner and a cocktail list, which they drunk in the hot tub.

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"After that we had to fly home sadly so we watched a couple movies on the flight home and ate food on the trays again - a nice finish off to the weekend!"

She added: "We do actually pack loads into our actual holidays too!"

Mrs Bramwell said she would be set designing in the study for a few hours most nights and forbade Jon from going in.

She said: "Each day the postman dropped off 50,000 parcels - I think I kept the economy going by myself!"

She added she was glad she managed to keep it so well-hidden.

"He knew I was up to something but he didn't know what.

"I just went into the spare room each evening and told him to stay away. He's quite well-trained actually!"

The whole stunt cost her £250. They had only been to Orlando once before in November 2018 and always vowed to go back.