By George Champion for the weekly Covid-19 campaign column.

READING FC’s Madejski Stadium, a hallmark of Championship football, was used to facilitate testing for coronavirus for four days this month. As the son of a key health worker, I became eligible for a test; here’s how it went.

I popped online and used the simple, fast booking system provided on the government website. Just like that, I had a test the next day.

The carpark of the stadium housed the testing centre and upon entry, a smartly dressed, PPE’d soldier greeted me and explained how the examination is carried out.

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Instructed to remain in my car, only open the window a few inches for communications and only do so if instructed to, I waited patiently to be told where to go next. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared; I mean, this has never happened before.

“Bay two please” yelled a man in camouflage. I drove over and awaited further instructions.

Once in the bay, I was given the kit and told to go over to yet another area to see out my test. The gentleman there, once again, kindly explained how to do the test and what to do if I was in ‘trouble’.

He explained: “Flash your hazard lights if you need any help.”

However, the simple guide showed me how to do it and I was off within ten minutes of arriving. Hazards on, permission granted to leave, I then dropped my test at the next station.

Quick, easy, simple, done.

At first it came as a shock the test had to be conducted yourself. But once the situation was explained, along with a handy instruction booklet, I felt more comfortable.

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The lack of nurses and doctors did make me query how efficient the testing would be, however, the clarity of the instructions given made sure this would be an effective, quick process, in order to fight back this tyrannical disease.

Within 48 hours, my test results came back negative. Such an efficient system.

I was pleasantly surprised how well operated the whole facility was, given the unprecedented circumstances; hats off to Reading Football Club, the Armed Forces and the NHS for helping us fight back at this truly destructive virus.