THE latest police figures from before lockdown (March 2020) show that violence and sexual offences was the most reported crime in central Reading throughout the month.

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During March, 451 crimes were reported in Reading, with 125 of those relating to violence and/or sexual offences, according to

The Chronicle has delved into the crime figures recorded just before the UK went into lockdown, and have provided a summary of the most common crimes.

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Five most commonly reported crimes in March 2020

1. Violence and sexual offences: Of crimes reported in March, 125 (27.7 per cent) were for violence and sexual offences.

2. Anti-Social behaviour: 53 cases (11.8 per cent)

3. Shoplifting: 50 (11.1 per cent)

4. Other theft: 41 (9.1 per cent)

5. Bicycle theft: 38 (8.4 per cent)

Reading Chronicle:

Table from Police.UK shows amount of all crimes reported throughout March.

Data on the Police.UK website is submitted by local forces.

Reading Chronicle:

The crime map shows which area in Reading the most crimes were reported throughout the month.