GOOGLE is using location data gathered from phones to help public health officials understand how people’s movements have changed in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

The reports use data from people who have opted in to storing their location history with Google to help illustrate the degree to which people are adhering to government instructions to shelter in place and, where possible, work from home.

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The Covid-19 Community Mobility Report dated May 21, 2020, looks at mobility figures in Reading from Thursday, April 9, to Thursday, May 21.

The data shows that between this time visits to parks increased by 72 per cent.

Conversely, retail and recreation - which comprises of places such as restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and libraries - saw a decline of 75 per cent.

Reading Chronicle:

Visits to groceries and pharmacies also saw a decrease in visits by 18 per cent.

Workplaces also saw a decrease of 67 per cent and residential visits increased by 28 per cent.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced an easing of lockdown rules in England which will come into force on Monday, June 1.

Mr Johnson has said that all five of the Government’s tests for easing the lockdown are being met, so adjustments can begin being made in England.

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They include allowing up to six people to gather outside in public spaces or private gardens.