Conservative councillors in Reading have backed the Prime Minister’s top adviser, who said he has ‘no regrets’ over reportedly breaking lockdown rules in April.

Dominic Cummings drove with his family almost 300 miles to Durham from London at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of the team that drew up lockdown rules, Mr Cummings has faced calls to resign given his decision to make the trip as well as a further 60-mile trip to Barnard Castle.

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More than 30 Conservative MPs have now called for Mr Cummings to resign since the reports came out on Friday.

But Business Secretary Alok Sharma, who is the Conservative MP for Reading West, has backed Mr Cummings, tweeting “it is time to move on”.

Dominic Cummings has set out how he complied with guidelines when looking after his family. Having answered the questions put to him in detail, it is now time to move on and put all our energies into defeating coronavirus

— Alok Sharma (@AlokSharma_RDG) May 25, 2020

Disagreeing, former Conservative Reading councillor Emma Warman said Mr Cummings “must go”.

Ms Warman tweeted: “Genuinely angry about this Cummings story.

“People have been denied seeing loved ones on their death beds. They have been isolating without seeing one single person they know, for months now.

“We still cannot see our families and no indication when we might. He must go.”

Not sure that’s really the point. I think a lot of people are feeling that this disrespects their sacrifice. It’s the perception that matters. I’m really not sure whether his actions were within the rules or guidance (different things) but it LOOKS awful and still does.

— Emma Warman (@EmmaWarman) May 25, 2020

The Chronicle asked Conservative councillors in Reading for their thoughts on the situation, whether they thought Mr Cummings should be sacked, and if they had concerns his actions would lead a to a spike in people breaking lockdown rules.

Councillor David Stevens, who represents Thames ward, said: “It seems to me like they decided to do the right and best thing. I think it is sensible. I feel that it is just about the end of it.

“I feel people dislike him because of his links with Vote Leave. It doesn’t seem to me to be a sackable offence.

“The protests outside his house in London were quite shocking. That surprised me."

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Fellow Conservative councillor Helen Manghnani, who represents Tilehurst, added: “I don’t really care. We have far greater issues that need to be looked at. This a drop in the ocean. I don’t think it is important.

“How many other people have done those things and nobody has bothered to do anything.

“I would have done it if I wasn’t able to look after my children because that is what parents do.”

She said she is “not at all worried” about residents deciding to break the rules in response, praising Tilehurst residents for their “amazing” response to the Covid-19 crisis.