MORE people who live nearby to the Atomic Weapons Establishment will be warned about what to do if there is a radiation emergency. 

Spencers Wood, Three Mile Cross and Grazeley now fall under the emergency planning zone around AWE Burghfield. 

People living there will receive a letter from West Berkshire Council about the emergency plan. The council is responsible for telling people about the plan, including those living in the Wokingham borough. 

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AWE Burghfield and AWE Aldermaston are where the UK’s nuclear weapons are made. 

Councillor Parry Batth, lead for environment at Wokingham Borough Council, said nothing has changed at AWE Burghfield to drive the expansion of the emergency zone.  

Cllr Batth said: “This is an odd situation because there’s been no change in the actual risk of an incident at AWE Burghfield – that remains incredibly low – nor has there been any change in what AWE Burghfield does.

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“If you live in the new zone, please keep an eye out for West Berkshire’s booklet and please be assured this is only a change in the emergency planning for what remains an extremely unlikely event.”

If there is a radiation emergency, people living nearby should go indoors, close and stay away from windows and doors, and follow local media for updates. Emergency planners also say people shouldn’t use phones, leaving the system clear for emergency services.

Every home and business in the area will receive a recorded telephone message on their landline, and local radio stations will broadcast messages about the radiation. Emergency services will use news websites and social media to advise the public.